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Purchasing Agreement

Pricing and Customization Fees
Company Policies

It is our company policy to meet the requirements of our credit card processors.   We follow the rules,regulations and policies of Amazon (Amazon.com). 
This agreement is put in place to protect both the purchaser and the seller regarding products and services provided by LG Enterprise. 
Services in this agreement means customization and/or  personalization.
LG Enterprise reserves the right to deny services or sales for any reason.

As buyer or representative(s) of the purchasing entity you are protected by the policies of Amazon (Amazon.com).

By selecting Buy or Purchase while shopping at flex-flyers.com you agree with and have completely read and understand the following.
You are authorized to purchase items on behalf of your company or whoever you may represent whether the purchase is made using a personal or business account.
You agree you have expressed consent to represent the entity that owns the banking account from which the purchase is obtained. 
You agree that you own the bank account from which the purchase is processed  if not representing an entity other than yourself. 
You have read and fully understand our company return policies and agree to observe such policies.