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Create Your Own

    Customize them yourself  It's as easy as  1 - 2 - 3

  1. Download the Ghost 4 pack wing template at the bottom of this page. (please read tips and tricks)
  2. Edit the color by using flood fill and gradients in your favorite paint program. You may also   edit them online at Pixlr   for free, no registration is required.   To make it even easier  just add your logo and/or text to our  stock wing templates
  3. Send the edited image(s) as Bitmap attachments to  customize@flex-flyers.com   Do not re-size the images.  Remember to include your shipping address, contact and order information.

Custom orders are sold as 4 pack wing templates with a minimum of 25 wing templates or 100 units.

Example - Let's say you downloaded the wing template of your choice, customized it, then sent it back to us in Bitmap format to await our approval or you approved our in house customizations and are now ready to order.  You selected "Bug Zappers" and you need  100 of them.  You will need to order 25 Bug Zappers and we ship to you 25 each of the 4 different designs on the wing template that you customized or approved.  See figure 1. 

Figure 1.   (Stock Wing Template)                     You will  Receive 100 Bug Zappers

    25 - Yellow Jackets

    25 - Grasshoppers

                                                   25 x 4 = 100 individually packaged units

    25 - Ladybugs

    25 - Scarab Beetles

Read "Tips & Tricks" below image to see more details
             This is a single "Ghost" image, meaning it has no color fill.  It is the original Flex-Flyer design.   Property of  L.G. Enterprise and is protected by copyright laws.           
                             Remember the white in the image is actually clear when printed on clear transparencies.  If you want white in
                             the design you must select  the  White solid  when you customize your wing design you
must keep the star
                             and border intact.  You may  color inside or outside the star area and color the flaps.  The wing border must

                             remain black.  You may change the color of the star but not it's shape.

    Tips & Tricks
  • Save images where you can easily find them.
  • Choose from our stock wing templates and  just add your logo for quicker, easier customizations.
  • If you are adding a logo make it big as you can and place it in the V of the star or inside the star.
  • You must use PNG files with a clear background when adding a logo to our Stock Wing Templates.
  • Remember the White background is transparent (clear) when selecting transparencies and White when selecting (solid).
  • Using logos with White boarders will appear without border.  Don't be fooled the border will not be seen after printing.
  • The "Red Star" Border must remain unaltered except for color changes.
  • Do not alter the size of the wing template image. 
  • If you use Pixlr select the wand tool and click inside or outside the star area.  Select the Paint Bucket or Gradient Tools to fill the area highlighted by the Wand tool. You may do the same for the flap areas.  If some lines seem to disappear don't worry they will reappear when you select "SAVE AS bitmap  ( bmp)".   We proof all customizations and contact you if changes are needed.
  • After you are done editing use "Save As bmp" Bitmaps are large files but they keep the original quality.
  • If you just "save image as" directly from our web pages you will loose some quality because they are jpeg images. Download them from the stock wing template link below for best quality.    
  • Wing templates are 4 packs. You can customize all 4 wings differently or keep them all the same. 

The Following color pallet is just a sample of colors that you can use
to create your designs. 
Click Pallet to view larger

Customization Punch List
  • Choose colors and designs
  • Decide who will customize your Flex-Flyers
  • Email  logo(s) and instructions to customize@flex-flyers.com or customize your own
  • Receive confirmation # from Flex-Flyers customization department
  • Decide whether you want the pre-built toy or build it craft version
  • Make payment - Securely done using Google checkout
  • Receive your receipt - One from Google and one from LG Enterprise

All to confusing? email us at  flexflyers@gmail.com  with your questions.

L.G Enterprise © 2010                   Flex-Flyers™                    Made in USA 
Lorenzo Gonzales,
Nov 18, 2010, 4:14 PM